Manage your finances and carry out a number of banking transactions through db OnlineBanking.

Multi User Access

We know that as an owner of a business, your time is better spent managing your business than managing your company accounts and the transactions. Now with db OnlineBanking, you can manage your business in a much more efficient manner. It aims at saving time, money and also makes tracking of banking transactions easy for your business.

Apart from the basic online services such as viewing balances, downloading account statements, this service carries state-of-the-art features such as multi-user access, multi-level approval workflow and bulk transaction processing.

Multiple bank accounts:

Multiple accounts with the Bank can be grouped into several divisions. These divisions can have independent group of users. Additionally, users can have access to one, many or all divisions.

Multi-user access:

Give online access of your account(s) to multiple users with different transaction or approval rights set by you. Set-up users' accounts with different debit limits, transaction and approval rights. Each of the user is given unique login and transaction credentials to login into db OnlineBanking as specified by the admistrator.

Multi-level approval workflow:

Each of the multiple users can be given individual transaction rights as per hierarchy in the corporate. For instance, some user(s) may be given rights to enter transactions only such as an RTGS fund transfer by logging in to db OnlineBanking. A transaction so created will then automatically reach the authorized signatory or group of signatories for approval.

Approval rules:

  • Rules can be created for each financial transaction type and amount to identify users who can request the transaction and the users who can approve the transaction.
  • Rules can define if one or more than one user's approval is required to process the transaction request. The transaction will not get processed unless the transaction is approved by the user's with approval rights.
  • Rules can also define if a transaction requires one of the many or all approvers to jointly approve a particular transaction.


  • Users with transaction right can make a transaction request for transactions assigned to them and within limits defined for their profile.
  • Once the request is made, the approvers will receive an intimation to approve the transaction.
  • Transactions once approved by all the required approvers will be processed. Transaction which do not get approved or are rejected will not be processed.

Note: Approval workflow cannot overrule the basic mandate for account which means that you can add more layers of approval but cannot remove the approval workflow created and accepted offline.

Bulk Transactions

db OnlineBanking facilitates multiple funds transfers via a single file upload resulting in better efficiency. For instance, salary processing, vendor-payment processing etc can be done at one go.

Bulk funds transfers can be done between Deutsche Bank accounts through intrabank transfers and to other Bank accounts using NEFT and RTGS settlement facilities.

The important features of bulk transaction processing are as follows:

  • The bulk transaction upload file is a text file (*.txt). For your convenience, we additionally provide a file conversion tool to convert an excel file into the text file.
  • Multiple or Specific users can be given access to perform bulk transactions. Approval authority and workflow rules can be set up too.
  • For funds transfer within accounts, there will be a single debit transaction on the remitter account of the aggregate amount, and corresponding credit transactions on the beneficiary accounts.
  • Fund Transfers within accounts can be scheduled to be executed on the same day. It should be ensured that the approvals if any, are done before 6 PM. If the bulk transaction is not approved before 6 PM, then the approver will have to reject this transaction, and initiate a new bulk transaction request.
  • For funds transfers to other Bank accounts, each transfer would be a debit transaction on the remitter account. For instance, if there are 100 transactions being done through one file upload, the debit account would have 100 debit transactions on the account statement
  • For funds transfers to other Bank accounts, db OnlineBanking automatically decides the transfer type - RTGS or NEFT, depending on the amount per transaction, time of transaction and the beneficiary bank.
  • Fund Transfers to other Bank accounts can be scheduled for the next working day or any other day in the future. It should be ensured that the approvals if any, are done before the schedule date for processing.
Easy File Conversion Tool

For your convenience we have designed a file conversion tool to help you prepare the file for bulk transaction processing. All you need to do is to enter all the details in a simple excel file in the prescribed format and upload it in the tool to get the file required by db OnlineBanking.

Click here for the file conversion tool.

Click here to view sample excel file format (for upload in the tool for file conversion)

Create file for bulk transfer to Non-Deutsche Bank account

We have designed a conversion tool to help you prepare the file for bulk transaction processing. All you need to do is to enter all the details in a simple excel file in the prescribed format and upload it in the tool to get the file required by db OnlineBanking.

Click here for the file conversion tool.

Click here to view sample excel file format (for upload in the tool for file conversion)

Payment Options

Online Bill Payment

Bill Payment is a facility through which you can pay your utility bills, insurance premiums etc. online through your Current account. You can pay bills as per the available funds in your operative account. This is a quick and easy method to pay your bills on time and within the comfort of your home or office.You can also avail of the AutoPay feature wherein you can set instructions to auto-debit your account for payments against bills presented by the biller, on the due date.

Bulk Cheque and Demand Draft

Bulk Cheque (i.e. Corporate Cheque printing request) and bulk Demand Draft service offers convenience of uploading a single file and requesting for printing of multiple cheques and demand drafts through db OnlineBanking.

db DirectDebit

Use your Deutsche Bank Savings or Current Account to make online purchases and also earn express rewards. All you need to remember is your db OnlineBanking login details and transaction passwords. From bill payments to shopping online, a lot of your transactions are supported by db DirectDebit. So, go ahead and pay your utility bills, insurance premia, loan EMIs, and a lot more with yet another convenient and secure payment facility.

Online Tax Payment

You can now pay your direct taxes online using your Deutsche Bank Savings or Current Account. This facility is available through our arrangement with IDBI Bank Ltd. for payment of all kinds of direct taxes such as Income Tax, Advance Tax, TDS / TCS etc.

Fund Transfers

Online Fund Transfers from Deutsche Bank Accounts

You can transfer funds online to both Deutsche Bank and Non-Deutsche Bank accounts in over 250 cities across India. You have the convenience of choosing from three types of fund transfer options available to you:
  • Self Account Transfer: Instant transfer of funds to any of your self accounts with Deutsche Bank.
  • Third Party Transfer: Instant transfer of funds to an account of another person with Deutsche Bank.
  • Transfer funds outside Deutsche Bank using RTGS and NEFT facilities to bank accounts maintained with other banks.

    Easy steps to do external funds transfer are:-

    •  Select 'Transfer Funds' after logging in to db OnlineBanking.
    •  Register a payee / beneficiary account by providing the bank, city, branch or search by IFS code.
    •  Enter beneficiary details like Payee Name, Account Number, select 'Account Type' as Savings, Current, Credit, Loan, NRE, NRO or Cash Credit.
    •  Specify maximum fund transfer limit as per your choice. You can also choose not to specify fund transfer limit as this field is not mandatory.
    •  Reconfirm account number with transaction password.
    •  Enter the OTP (One Time Password) which you will receive on your registered mobile and submit the request.
    •  Once the payee is registered, you can click on the 'Registered Payees' page and select 'Make Payment'.
    •  Depending on the branch selected and transfer amount, the system will automatically give you the option of either NEFT / RTGS or both.

You have the option to initiate the fund transfer instantly or schedule the fund transfer on a later date. You can transfer only up to Rs. 50,000 till the cooling period which is 24 hours from the time of addition of beneficiary. You can also schedule repetitive periodic payments with one single instruction. You can also search and download the details of beneficiaries that are already registered earlier.

What's more you can also track RBI reference numbers under past payments within NEFT / RTGS link in db OnlineBanking. The reference number denotes confirmation that the payment has been sent. In case your beneficiary needs to track the credit into their account, they can use the same number as a reference with their banks.

Repetitive Payments

Set Repetitive Payment one time to make payments at regular intervals without logging in to db OnlineBanking. You can set up Repetitive Payment for below payments and more:

  • House rent
  • School or college fees
  • Loan EMIs
  • Money transfer to family members

Steps to set-up Repetitive Payments are:  

  • Select the Repetitive Payment option while transferring funds online.                          
  • Input the start date of the payment.
  • Select the frequency of the payment (Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly).
  • Input the number of payments you want to make and click on submit.

Example: If a weekly (frequency) funds transfer of Rs. 500 is set up on Saturday (25th July, 2009) Saturday as the start day and 5 as the number of payments, then Rs. 500 will be transferred to the beneficiary account every Saturday for the next 5 Saturdays starting 25th of July, 2009.

Online Fund Transfers to Deutsche Bank Accounts

You can transfer funds to a Deutsche Bank account online from any other bank that offers NEFT / RTGS facility. All you need to do is follow three simple steps:
  • Select Deutsche Bank from the list of banks.
  • Select the city / branch and provide the IFS code. Click here to view the IFS code for Deutsche Bank branches.
  • Provide the Deutsche Bank account number.

Please note:

  • The IFS code is mentioned on each cheque leaf of your cheque book. Cheque books printed after June 2010 will have the latest IFS codes.
  • Choosing a wrong IFS code will result in delay or cancellation of your fund transfer.
  • If you are a non-resident Indian, fund transfer facility applies to you as well. Funds can be transferred from an
    NRE account to another NRE / NRO / Resident account. Similarly, funds can be transferred from an NRO account to another NRO / Resident account. However, this facility is not available for transfer of funds from resident accounts to NRE / NRO accounts.

For NEFT / RTGS related queries and complaints, please call our 24 hours phone banking at 18602666601# or you may write to us on

Click here to view the details of NEFT customer facilitation centres of the participating banks.

Click here to view the details of participating RTGS branches.

Terms and conditions for NEFT and RTGS transfers.

Value added services

db OnlineBanking offers you a host of services that save you the time and effort to go to a branch or call up phone banking. You can not only view and download your current / past bank account statements, but also view the status of a cheque, update your profile, request for a new cheque book and demand draft - all at the click of a mouse!

Bulk Beneficiary upload

Now you can upload new beneficiaries in a bulk from your own db OnlineBanking login. The bulk beneficiary upload file will be a csv file which will have the beneficiary and their bank branch details.

Click here to view the details.

Account statements

Now you can download your account statements at any time. For your convenience we have made your statements available for download in PDF.

Account statements are available for:

  • Savings / Current Account
  • Loan Account and
  • Overdraft Account

How to download:

  • Login to db OnlineBanking with your customer ID and password
  • Select the account number
  • Choose the period, select "Save as PDF" from the drop down option and submit your request.

Manage your cheques

Whether you have deposited a cheque or issued a cheque, the details and status of the same can be tracked online.

  • View complete details of issued cheques and track the status.
  • View details of cheques deposited in your account.
  • Issue stop cheque instructions for multiple cheques in real time and get instant confirmation on SMS.
  • Place service request for additional cheque books online.

SMS and email alerts

  • SMS and email alerts for all financial transactions on your account.
  • SMS and email alerts for non financial transactions such as bill payment and loan EMI due reminders.
  • Option to select the alerts that you want to receive by logging onto db OnlineBanking.

Other services

  • Mailbox facility to communicate with customer care for banking accounts.                          
  • Order for a physical copy of your current account statement.
  • Update your profile and contact information.

View Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

You can view the TDS deducted by the Bank towards interest paid on Fixed Deposits.

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