Deutsche Bank’s Mobile Banking App, ‘MyBank India’!

Experience the convenience of banking anywhere and anytime with our fast, easy and safe mobile banking app, MyBank India. You can start using MyBank India with your db OnlineBanking login id and password.

MyBank India app gives you the convenience to track all your accounts anytime, anywhere with a few taps.

View your bank accounts

  • View your accounts, fixed deposit and loan accounts
  • Track your balances real time
  • View your bank account statement by date
  • View your last 10 transactions

Fund Transfers

NEFT / RTGS Transfers

You can transfer funds online to Deutsche Bank and non Deutsche Bank accounts.

  • Own account transfer: Instant transfer of funds to any of your own accounts with Deutsche Bank
  • Third Party Transfer: Instant transfer of funds to an account of another person with Deutsche Bank
  • Transfer funds to other bank accounts using RTGS and NEFT facilities to bank accounts maintained with other banks
  • Initiate transfer by selecting the registered beneficiary
  • You can transfer funds instantly or schedule it for a later date
  • You can schedule one time transfer or setup repetitive periodic transfers using ‘Pay Later’ option
  • Add your frequent transactions as favorite transactions for quick transfer later
  • View scheduled / recurring transfers using ‘Pending transfers’ option
  • View history of transfers using ‘Transfer History’ option
  • Edit or stop scheduled / recurring transfers

You can transfer up to Rs. 50,000 till the cooling period which is 24 hours from the time of addition of beneficiary for NEFT / RTGS transfers.

Repetitive Payments

Set Repetitive Payment one time to make payments at regular intervals without logging in to db OnlineBanking. You can set up Repetitive Payment for below payments and more:

  • House rent
  • School or college fees
  • Loan EMIs
  • Money transfer to family members

Steps to set-up Repetitive Payments are:

  • Select the Pay Later option while transferring funds online
  • Input the start date of the payment
  • Select the frequency of the payment (daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly)
  • Input the number of payments you want to make and tap on submit.

Beneficiary maintenance

You can register beneficiary for third-party Deutsche Bank and non Deutsche Bank fund transfers using MyBank India app with ease. You can view the list of registered beneficiaries and initiate funds transfer to them.

  • Register third party beneficiary using Deutsche Bank account number
  • Register beneficiary for outside Deutsche Bank using IFSC code or bank name and city
  • You can specify maximum fund transfer limit for NEFT / RTGS transfer as per your choice or requirement. You can also choose not to specify any fund transfer limit as this feature is optional

Online Bill Payment

Online bill payment is a quick and easy way to pay your bills on time. Pay your mobile, electricity, utility payments, and insurance premium using your savings / current account.

Register your biller one time and start making payments regularly.

MyBank India app offers two type of online bill payment services:

View and Pay

  • Your bills are presented to you online before you can make the payment. Simply register your biller details and wait for your bill to appear online
  • You will be notified about the presentment of your bill to your registered mobile number and email ID. You can then provide instructions to Deutsche Bank to debit your account and make payments to the service provider on your behalf.

AutoPay is an additional bill payment feature for all View and Pay billers wherein you can set instructions to auto-debit your account for payments against bills presented by the biller, on the due date

  • Setup a limitless auto-debit instruction, where bills for any amount will be scheduled for payment. In case you wish to review the bills above a certain amount before making payments, then you may also setup a limited auto-debit instruction. Bills within the limit will be automatically scheduled for payment on the due-date
  • In case the bill amount is more than the specified limit then the bill will wait your acceptance to review it and set payment instructions
  • AutoPay payments will be carried out against your chosen account, subject to the availability of funds

Pay at Once

  • Pay at Once’ is the simplest method of paying your bills
  • Make a payment instantly based on the physical bill
  • Register the biller and start making payments immediately afterwards
  • Option will be available only for billers who support Pay at Once


MyBank India app offers you a host of services that save you time and effort of going to a branch or calling up phone banking. You can not only view your current / past bank account statements, but also view status of a cheque, request for a new cheque book and demand draft etc.

Book Fixed Deposit

  • Book regular Fixed Deposit accounts
  • Specify Amount, Tenure, Interest Payout Frequency, maturity instruction and nomination
  • Minimum fixed deposit amount is Rs. 20,000 and maximum is Rs. 99.99 lakhs
  • Payout frequency can be - Monthly, Quarterly or at Maturity

View / Stop Cheques

  • View the status of issued cheques online
  • Search by cheque number or by cheque book series
  • Issue stop cheque instructions for multiple cheques or single cheque in real time

Other Services

  • Request for demand draft
  • Request for a physical copy of your savings and current account statement
  • Request for new cheque book
  • Register for email statement

Pending Approval

  • Approver can view the transaction awaiting for the approval in the pending approval tab
  • The Financial approver (Fund transfer, bill payment, Book FD and RD) will be displayed within financial tab and non-financial transaction (service request, Beneficiary and biller registration) will be displayed within non-financial tab
  • Approver can either approve or reject the transaction
  • Approver can view the details of the transaction
  • Transaction once approved by all the approvers will be processed
  • Approver can select multiple financial transaction at once and approve the transaction


  • Non-Individual (Corporate) customer within transactional rights can make a transaction request for transaction assigned to them and within limits defined for their profile
  • While initiating request for any of the transaction, customer has to select the rule from the dropdown
  • Basis rule selected, customer can also select the approver’s for approving the transaction, selecting the approvers while requesting for any transaction is optional step.
  • Transactions once approved by all the required approvers will be processed. Transaction which do not get approved or are rejected will not be processed
  • Customer can view the status of the requested transaction in the History section

View Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

You can view the TDS deducted by the Bank towards interest paid on Fixed Deposits.

Download MyBank App

Android users click here to download the app iOS users click here to download the app

SMS MYBANK to 561615

Call 18602666601#

#Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6601. Customers in Mumbai can also call at +91 22 6601 6601. Call charges apply.

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