Manage your investment and finances as per your convenience with our online wealth management tool - db WealthPro.


A clean and comprehensive dashboard gives you a snapshot of your overall relationship with Deutsche Bank. You can also get a summarized view of all your investment holdings.

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Portfolio Overview

db WealthPro* empowers you with a single interface for all your investments. This means, you are saved from the hassles of tracking all your investments separately. You can access current market value of your investment portfolios, so you get a unified view of your overall wealth across all your holdings in:
  • Deutsche Bank Branch: All investments made through the Deutsche Bank Branch or through Deutsche Bank Relationship Manager
  • db Online: Any investment done online by you through Deutsche Bank
  • Non-Deutsche Bank Portfolio: For recording your investment details through other banks / intermediaries and your equity share holdings through the db TradePro platform (for customers who use the sharekhan platform to buy / sell equity shares). This information is updated on a daily basis

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Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio section offers a comprehensive view of your entire investment portfolio.

Portfolio Analysis*

Get an in-depth analysis of your investment holdings across all portfolios. This includes your holdings across different portfolios in different dimensions like asset class, industry, currency, region, market capitalization and product category.

Portfolio Simulator**

The simulator is a scenario planning module which provides assistance in analyzing an Investment Portfolio. It illustrates the impact of a restructured portfolio. It facilitates mock investments on customers’ portfolios and immediately shows the results - in terms of various parameters such as asset allocation, industry and market capitalization (for equity component), instrument analysis group etc.

Portfolio Performance*

Portfolio Performance helps you track returns on your investments and analyze the performance of your investments on a regular basis.

You can track the Portfolio Performance under 3 categories:

  • Portfolio Type (e.g. Deutsche Bank branch portfolio)
  • Instrument Group (e.g. debt long term or equity diversified large cap category)
  • Asset Class (e.g. equity or debt)

You can also monitor and analyze your investment portfolio, based on its composition across different dimensions like asset class, industry, market capitalization, product category etc., online. It will also facilitate decision making through what-if analysis across multiple dimensions and provide regular performance updates and transparent portfolio reporting.

**This feature is available only for Private Banking customers of Deutsche Bank.

Buying and Redeeming Mutual Funds Online

Subscribe, redeem and switch your mutual funds online with just the click of a mouse.

Just log in to your account and access your financial future at the click of a button. Apply online for buying, or redeeming your mutual funds units minus the hassles of paperwork.


All mutual funds units applied by you for purchase online become a part of your db OnlineBanking portfolio by default. We offer you a choice to invest online across funds from the top mutual fund houses, including Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual fund, Axis Mutual fund, DSP Mutual fund, Franklin Templeton Mutual fund, HDFC Mutual fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual fund, Kotak Mutual fund, Mirae Mutual fund, Nippon Mutual fund, SBI Mutual fund, Tata Mutual fund and many more. The cut-off time for applying for units in liquid fund and non-liquid funds are 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM, respectively, on any working day. It is mandatory to have your risk profile updated before you can apply for units of a Mutual Fund.

Order History

You can view all the past orders placed, with their status, e.g. executed, cancelled etc. (in db OnlineBanking portfolio).

Redeem / Switch

You can redeem / switch the units of all the mutual funds which have been purchased online. For redemption / switch of units purchased offline, you will have to get in touch with your Relationship Manager or the branch staff.

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*For detailed terms and conditions log into the mutual fund section of db WealthPro.

Portfolio Alerts

Receive alerts ranging from product maturity dates to portfolio returns and more.

db WealthPro* offer customized alerts** so you can stay in touch with specific
events / movements in your portfolio. It can either be set by you or through your Relationship Manager.

For example, you set up an alert using 'Instrument' tab to specify that you need to be informed if a particular fund (currently held in your portfolio) exceeds return of 10%. The alerts set up shall be notified on your dashboard. You have an option of setting this alert yourself or requesting your Relationship Manager to do so & inform you.

**This feature is available only for Private Banking customers of Deutsche Bank. Advantage Banking and other customers can contact Relationship Managers for setting their portfolio alerts


Generate your Portfolio Statement anytime.

db WealthPro* will give you access to a host of reports that will keep you updated on your portfolio movements by different parameters.

  • Portfolio Summary Report: This gives you a summary of your relationship with Deutsche Bank, the performance of your investment portfolio, asset allocation details and your current investment holdings.
  • Portfolio Detailed Report: This is a detailed report divided into two sections. The first section provides an overview of your relationship with Deutsche Bank, the performance of your investment portfolio, asset allocation details, your current investment holdings, transaction summary, dividend history and capital gains details for your investment holdings. The second section on 'Investment Portfolio Analysis' is available only for Private Banking and Advantage Banking customers. Besides top holdings, it analyses the equity portfolio based on Industry exposure and Market cap. It also gives an analysis of the credit quality of the debt portfolio.
  • Capital Gains Report**: This gives details of indicative capital gains for each sale transaction within a selected date range. Report can be generated both as summary or a detailed version. Please consult your tax advisor to know exact amount of the capital gains.
  • Dividend History**:  This is a detailed report on all dividends received for all Mutual fund schemes within a selected date range. Report can be generated both as a summary or a detailed version.
  • Holding Period Report**: This report gives the holding period (in days) for all investment products across your portfolios.
  • Transaction Report: This gives details of all investment purchase / sale transactions done by you for a selected date range.

Further, you can also put in a request for generating a Historic Portfolio Statement for a date range (not exceeding 12 months). Please note that this Historic Statement would be emailed to your registered email-id the next business day.

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**These reports are available only for Private Banking customers.


Invest online with db WealthPro

Small investments today will go a long way in building wealth for tomorrow. Start a new SIP and earn 20 express reward* points.

Invest online with db WealthPro

Purchase Mutual Funds Online at Zero Fees

While you can apply online for units of mutual funds you will also continue to receive comprehensive service from your Relationship Manager. Go on, invest and get more out of your wealth for less.

Benefits of purchasing / redeeming mutual funds online:

  • Simple and easy: Paperless and hassle-free application process for purchase / redemption of your investments.
  • Nomination: Add nominees to your investment portfolio with ease. You need to give a one-time request form to your Branch / RM for the same. Click here for Nomination form for Single holder. Click here for Nomination form for Joint Holders.
  • Option to invest in joint holding: You have an option to place an order for mutual fund units in joint holding modes. For this, you need to give a one-time request form to your Branch / RM for creation of a Joint Investment Portfolio. Any orders placed in this portfolio would get executed in the joint name (in the same combination) mentioned in the request form. Further you can use the same form to add nomination in the said Joint Investment Portfolio. Click here for the form download.
  • Direct debit from your Deutsche Bank account: Purchase units of mutual funds at a click of a button directly debiting your Deutsche Bank Account.
  • Deutsche Bank approved mutual funds: Get the list of mutual funds approved basis extensive quantitative and qualitative review performed by our Experts.
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis: Do a comprehensive analysis and simulation of your investment portfolio.
  • Tracking and Monitoring: Easy to track and monitor your investments on a daily basis online.

*Conditions apply.

Disclaimer: Deutsche Bank AG, India (“Bank”) is only a distributor of third party investment/insurance products and not an advisor in offering investment/insurance advice and any information contained in this brochure or otherwise communicated by the Bank shall not be construed as investment or insurance advice. All decisions to purchase or sell units / securities / insurance policy shall be on the basis of the personal judgement of the customer arrived at after due consideration and after understanding the risk factors associated with their chosen investments carefully and consulting their own independent advisor prior to making any investment decisions. The Bank does not in any manner guarantee any returns on any investment or insurance products. All investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or a guarantee that the objectives of any investment schemes will be achieved. Information concerning past performance is not necessary a guide to future performance. This brochure is not an investment advice and should not form the basis of any investment decision by customers. The model asset allocation applicable for your risk class arrived at basis risk profiling questionnaire. The model may change from time to time without prior notice. The model assumes that factors affecting your risk profile have not changed. In case of any change, we suggest that you re-assess your risk profile using the tools available with the Bank. The opinions, expectations and other information herein is based on certain assumptions and projections which may not be entirely accurate and accordingly the analysis may not accurately reflect the financial status, needs or risk ability of the customer. The Bank does not guarantee or make any representation, express or implied, with respect to the fairness, correctness, accuracy, adequacy, quality, efficacy, reliability, reasonableness, viability for any particular purpose or completeness of any information herein and is not responsible for any errors or omissions in or for results obtained from the use of such information.
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